Facebook’s latest mistake is that people on Twitter panic over the revelation that Facebook is scanning images and links sent through its Messenger service. Most people thought that their privacy was invaded, but Facebook insists that this is done for their safety.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have revealed too much.

Twitter reaction
Like the #DeleteFacebook campaign that was trending on Twitter after the revelation that Cambridge Analytica had data on Facebook users, people again took Twitter to respond. The biggest concern of people in the reactions to Facebook’s analysis messages is that their privacy has been compromised.









What makes people so angry with the story is that Facebook’s general manager Mark Zuckerberg was so jaded to reveal this information. In an interview with Vox, Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is able to prevent messages from going through Messenger.

He cited the example in Myanmar where groups were trying to incite violence between ethnic groups. Zuckerberg said that Facebook’s systems were able to detect what was going on in his email service and that he was able to prevent these messages from going through.

Facebook then tried to clarify what Zuckerberg had said, but that only complicated things. A spokesperson told Bloomberg that although messages on Messenger were private, they still had to meet community standards on the main service.

The spokesman then said that this moderation was not done by humans.

The other Facebook messaging service, WhatsApp, offers encryption at the end of both users’ communications, so even WhatsApp can not see what users are sending. Messenger also has this encryption option, but it is enabled only by users.


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