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Saudi Arabia’s Tourism and National Heritage Commission (SCTH) has completed a review of tourism visa regulations in cooperation with the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs.
The SCTH said in a statement that it has reviewed regulations with relevant government institutions, investors and tourism and transport workers, and groups of service providers through a series of meetings and workshops. intensive.
The new visa regulations have been submitted to the relevant government authorities for approval, he added.
Visa requirements have been agreed with government and private agencies, and an integrated electronic system has been developed under the supervision of a team led by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
The SCTH acted on the basis of a national tourism development strategy, approved in 2005, aimed at developing and expanding previously granted tourist visas on a limited scale.
The Transformation 2020 national program has also adopted the tourist visa as one of the “economic viability initiatives”.
Prince Sultan bin Salman, President and President of SCTH, told AFP earlier this year that the Kingdom had affirmed their commitment to local values ​​and culture, the most important attractions in their efforts to attract tourists.
“The kingdom is the cradle of Islam and the direction towards which all Muslims face in prayer, and has the honor to serve, on the basis of a heritage of cultural, natural, cultural and tourism wealth, and the generous and welcoming people “he said. he said.



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