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Expats worker leaving saudi arabia on large no on daily basis

 1500 expats worker are going on Exit from SAUDI ARABIA

No less than 811,000 expatriates left the country with an exit visa in the last 18 months, the Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Wednesday quoting the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat).

According to the Jawazat, on average more than 1,500 expatriates left the Kingdom each day to obtain an exit visa during this period.

In the last months of this year, no less than 270,000 expatriates obtained an exit visa, compared to 541,000 in the same period last year.

According to the Jawazat, 1.2 million exit visas were issued during the first four months of the year, compared to around three million at the same time last year.

A total of 1.9 million iqamas (residence permits) were renewed by 1,050,144 companies and establishments.

The Jawazat said that an average of 10,837 iqamas are renewed daily, while the daily entries on the Muqeem website were 51,756.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior announced that 928,857 expatriates who violated the laws of residence, work and border security were arrested as part of the “Nation Free of Infringers” campaign launched on November 15, 2017 with the participation of 19 ministries and departments. governmental.

The ministry reported that 674,033 expatriates were violating the residence laws, 177,230 labor laws and 77,594 the border security system. He said that no less than 13,468 people were arrested when they tried to sneak into the Kingdom through their southern borders. Of these, 58% were Yemeni, 39% were Ethiopian and 3% were of different nationalities.

According to the ministry, some 12,782 expatriates, 10,768 men and 2,014 women are currently being held in detention centers.

The ministry also said security patrols arrested 21,374 wanted criminals of various nationalities in a week.

He said the criminals included people with a history of criminals, car thieves, drug dealers and alcohol smugglers and others wanted for violations of public rights and rights.

The ministry said 286 stolen cars had been recovered while the search for 386 other vehicles continued.

He stated that 1,272 cars were retained for lack of registration. Trading Business is also down as there are many departments where expats are not allowed to work anymore. Soon in Car Leasing company , Insurance companies will not able to renew iqama of there expat worker.

According to the ministry, not less than 3,726 weapons of different types were seized, including 13 machine guns and 119 pistols.

He said that 1,597 bottles of alcohol, 1,541 grams of hashish and 3,399 narcotic pills were confiscated and destroyed.

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