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PTI Wants to Remove Corruption From Pakistan

  PTI Wants to Remove Corruption From Pakistan . PTI Leader Ch Sarwar Says That They want to remove Corruption From Pakistan . Imran Khan wants to see Pakistan As Corruption Free Country . Ex Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar Says That Imran Khan is the Only Leader who is Loyal …

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Using Cell Phone May Cause cancer Risks

  High risk between using cell phone and cancer has been found in a latest research. Scientist says that using too much cell phone can cause cancer among mobile phone users.Mobile phones were launched in 1980’s and these 4 decades many kind of mobile phones have been launched in market …

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F 16 Jet : Pakistan to Face a Loss in Deal With US

    Pakistan have to face a big loss in F16 Jet deals with USA.US congress has opposes to provide F 16 jumbo jets to Pakistan because they are not satisfied with Pakistan’s progress about war against terrorism and Haqqani network. There =fore Pakistan will bear a big loss and …

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Now You Can Buy Mehran Car in 2 Lac Rupees

Now you can get Mehran car just in 2 lac and fifty thousand rupees. Yes, a Chinese company has introduced this amazing can that look like Suzuki Mehran but this is better than Mehran. It has power starring,AC, and many more other options that’s why this is far better then …

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