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what is offshore company

What is Offshore Company The term “offshore company” or “offshore company” is used in at least two different and different forms. An offshore company can be a reference to: For companies and similar entities that are incorporated in offshore jurisdictions, the use of the terms “offshore” and “company” may vary …

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Facebook’s latest mistake is that people on Twitter panic over the revelation that Facebook is scanning images and links sent through its Messenger service. Most people thought that their privacy was invaded, but Facebook insists that this is done for their safety. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have revealed too …

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Saudi Arabia’s Tourism and National Heritage Commission (SCTH) has completed a review of tourism visa regulations in cooperation with the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs. The SCTH said in a statement that it has reviewed regulations with relevant government institutions, investors and tourism and transport workers, and groups …

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Indian and Afghan army attack

Dozens of people died on Monday in a series of air strikes by the Afghan Air Force in a district of Kunduz province. Several politicians claimed that a madrassa had been played at a graduation ceremony for Islamic students. Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Radmanesh said army helicopters had attacked …

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Business already dropped to half in KSA

The fact that a large number of expatriate families have left or are about to leave the Kingdom permanently as a result of the dependent tax has negatively affected some companies that were entirely dependent on them. Ethnic food stores and candy shops that catered specifically to South Asian communities …

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The Caribbean Cricket team will arrive on March 31 (Saturday) with two separate flights to Karachi to play a series of three international Twenty20 games on April 1, 2, and 3 at the National Stadium. The first group of players and officials will arrive at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi …

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